Anti-fascists exposing The Base neo-Nazis


Identified Base Members


Jerod Matthew Elder 12/03/2018

Jerod Matthew Elder


Joshua Brandon Bates 12/07/2018

Joshua Brandon Bates

Exposing Joshua Bates (AKA “Brandon Hitt”), Georgia Participant in “The Base”


Raymond McKinley Hudgins 12/10/2018

Raymond McKinley Hudgins


Matthew Paul Blais 12/25/2018

Mathew Paul Blais


Nathan Guerrette 1/12/2019

Nathan Guerrette

Nathan Guerrette: A Montreal Musician with Ties to The Base and Other Neo-Nazi Forums

Timothy 2/14/2019




Caleb Rose 5/1/2019

Caleb Rose



Matthew Ryan Burchfield 5/07/2019

Matthew Ryan Burchfield


Arieana Love and Ryan Burchfield: White Power Militants in Savannah, Georgia

The lost boys of Ukraine: How the war abroad beckoned American white supremacists


Donald Stiffler II 8/04/2019

Donald Stiffler II



Simon 8/04/2019




Patrik Jordan Mathews 8/19/2019

Patrik Jordan Mathews


Francois Kemp 9/14/2019

Francois Kemp


South African Nazi Exposed In International Terror Training Network


Richard Tobin 11/17/2019

Richard Tobin


Brian Mark Lemley Jr 1/16/2020

Brian Mark Lemley Jr.

Elkton’s Brian Mark Lemley, Linked To Extremist Group, Seeks Release From Jail


William Garfield Bilbrough IV 1/16/2020

William Garfield Bilbrough IV


Jacob Oliver Kaderli 1/17/2020

Jacob Oliver Kaderli


Luke Austin Lane 1/17/2020

Luke Austin Lane


Michael John Helterbrand 1/17/2020

Michael John Helterbrand

Three more members of white supremacist group ‘The Base’ arrested


Yousef Omar Barasneh 1/17/2020

Yousef Omar Barasneh


Rinaldo Nazzaro 1/23/2020

Rinaldo Nazzaro


Jack Michael Espinoza 2/03/2020

Jack Michael Espinoza


Zephyr Garrison 4/9/2020

Zephyr Garrison


Zachary Tyler Brackett 4/13/2020

Zachary Tyler Brackett



William Franklin Rehm IV 5/9/2020

William Franklin Rehm IV


Tristan Webb 6/09/2020

Tristan Webb



Matthew Baccari 6/21/2020

Matthew Baccari


Justen Michael Watkins 10/29/2020

Justen Michael Watkins


Christopher Hood 11/24/2020

Christopher Hood


Alexander Holmber 12/06/2020

Alexander Holmber

Högerextrema överklassungar eldade minkfarm och tänkte mörda kvinnor


Duncan Christopher Trimmel 4/26/2021

Duncan Christopher Trimmell


Brandon Gregory Ashley 4/26/2021

Brandon Gregory Ashley