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Francois Kemp of South Africa: A Neo-Nazi and Base Member

Francois Kemp (@/F_KempZA) is a neo-Nazi and member of the terrorist organization called The Base. Francois Kemp continues to use the alias “cempa” and lives in the Cape Town area in the province of Western Cape in South Africa.

Francois Kemp aka “cempa”


Kemp is actively recruiting for a neo-Nazi terrorist organization in South Africa


Francois Kemp has been employed by British Petroleum Southern Africa as an Administrative Manager in the Montague Gardens area in Western Cape for over 9 years. He has recently been retrenched from British Petroleum.


Francois Kemp provides identifying information on his LinkedIn account.


Kemp was recently laid off from British Petroleum


Kemp discusses his job and his co-workers in neo-Nazi group chats


Married for over 7 years, Francois Kemp and his wife are childless.

Francois Kemp and his wife of over seven years



Kemp’s Twitter account which once featured a photo of him and his wife


Francois Kemp and his wife


Last year, we obtained logs from The Base’s chat group on the communication platform Riot. In the chat logs, Francois Kemp, as “cempa,” serves as a South African contact for the group. Several members express a desire to visit SA & view the Suidlanders as a model to emulate.


Norman Spear aka Roman Wolf, the leader of The Base, explains how the Suidlanders’ model is an inspiration for their terror organization. He announces that some members of the Base plan to visit South Africa. “Doomsayeth” is Jerod Elder, a neo-Nazi in California, USA and describes the Suidlanders as his life goal. Read our expose on Jerod Elder here.



Francois Kemp owns several firearms including two silencers.


Francois Kemp displays his two silencers in a neo-Nazi group chat


Members of the Base seek to obtain a large number of high powered weaponry in addition to acquiring advanced survival skills. Both skill sets are considered useful in the advancement of their Whites only ethno-state goals


Last year, The Base used the platform Discord for their book club discussions. At the time, the group was reading “Siege,” a standard neo-Nazi text for extremists such as Atomwaffen Division members. Recently, the remaining AWD members have publicly shown support for The Base.

Atomwaffen Division and the Base publicly declare an alliance


Francois Kemp as “cempa” participated in the Base Book Club Discord server


Francois Kemp as “cempa” hints at an impending racial civil war in South Africa


Francois Kemp as “cempa” expresses his racist views, networks w/other white supremacists & currently organizes w/neo-Nazis around the world. He is active on Twitter, Gab, Telegram & Wire. He maintains a recently locked down “normie” Facebook profile.


A quick review of Francois Kemp’s Twitter history reveals his first and last name, his photograph, and his Twitter activity tendencies


One might say that South Africa takes neo-Nazism a little more seriously than the USA. Here, Francois Kemp aka “cempa” describes the use of racial slurs in South Africa and some possible consequences for being exposed.

Francois Kemp aka “cempa” describes the consequences of being a neo-Nazi in South Africa


Francois Kemp aka “cempa” has expressed a desire to visit the USA in the next few months. We don’t want him here. Some of the information we have discovered about Francois Kemp will be shared with trusted sources in South Africa for further investigation & reporting.

USA residents should become familiar with Francois Kemp in the event he is allowed to travel to the USA where he will most certainly meet up with other Base members


Our aim is to expose neo-Nazis and the Far Right and disrupt their organizing. By doing this, we seek to decrease their activity, squelch their growth, and lower their threat level to communities.



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