Neo-Nazi Raymond Hudgins Plans to “Reclaim Homelands by Force”

A network of anti-fascist activists from coast to coast have obtained the chat logs of a neo-Nazi organization calling itself “The Base.” Anti-fascists infiltrated the Base in order to investigate and identify its members and disseminate this information to the public. In an ongoing series of articles, the coordinating anti-fascist network will publish revealing information about this group and profile its members. You can follow all of these articles by following the hashtag #DeBasedDoxx. Anti-fascism is fundamentally a localized movement of working-class peoples. We are not paid for our work and we take great risks every day: not for fame or money, but to protect our communities. Email the network at with your tips or inquiries. 38-year-old Raymond McKinley Hudgins, a retired Marine who claims to work as a contractor, lives in Roseville, Michigan, with his wife, Virginia Beth, 32. They reside in a three-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom home on Normal Street. But Hudgins is anything but normal. He’s a member of The Base, a white nationalist paramilitary organization hoping to balkanize the United States and divide it up into a series of white ethnostates. Their leader, Norman Spear, is a white separatist and national socialist. He claims to be ex-military, deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. His immediate goal is to build communal training grounds across the world. To this effect, he has purchased a plot of land in the Pacific Northwest, and plans to start training members in January. From there, they will train in the paramilitary and survival skills needed to commit acts of mass violence and elude authorities in rural areas. As Spear tells his followers in the chats, “For now we need non-attributable actions but that will still send a message and/or add to acceleration as much as possible.” This tactic has some precendent. Following the 1996 … Continue reading Neo-Nazi Raymond Hudgins Plans to “Reclaim Homelands by Force”